Birding is the ultimate hobby.

You can bird while sipping a cup of tea, watching chickadees come to a feeder.  You can bird on the deck of a fishing boat miles off off of the continental shelf, managing to raise binoculars shakily in between upheavals overboard.  You can bird in every field, forest and swamp in every country, on every street in every city (please be careful though) and at every landfill and sewage treatment plant that has ever existed.  Not many “hobbies” can say that.

Really though, birding is not a hobby.  It can be, yes.  But it can also be a lifestyle, a passion, and/or an obsession.  I fall more on the obsession end of the spectrum.  Obsession, addiction; call it what you will- I would rather be birding, period.  Welcome to my world.

Who am I?  My name is Brendan Murtha.  I’m a 15 year old high school sophomore living in Norwalk, Connecticut.  I’ve loved the natural world all my life, but I really got hooked on birding around age 9.  Since then, it’s been a wild ride to some incredible places, with some incredible people, seeing some incredible birds.  My “lists” may not be the most impressive ever (they aren’t too shabby), but I prefer to view every birding trip as an adventure.  I love birds, down to every last scapular and eye stripe; but what truly makes birding a “natural high” for me is how it gets me out into the world- in every season, every type of weather, every time of day.  I love birding because of the crazy things I do for it.  I love birding because of the solitude (occasionally) and the partying (occasionally).  I love birding because of the other animals I come across while I’m out- everything from wolves to rattlesnakes to ocean sunfish.

Join me as I try to chronicle the adrenaline that makes my birding tick.


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